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Ultramarathon Back Yard Challenge

These are strange times that we are facing. Many of us are confined to our homes and some of us ...
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The Harvest is Ripe in Southeast Asia

Aran*, one of our leaders in Southeast Asia, seeks God’s face in everything that he does. The discipline of prayer ...
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Covid-19 – An Unprecedented Opportunity

This crisis is going to become very challenging to almost everyone you know. The Covid-19 pandemic however is also a ...
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God opened the doors to Mombasa!

Dylan Agoye, a pastor in Kenya, has been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel and reach the unreached ...
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The Time is Now

Every four seconds somebody in India dies without knowing Christ. Somebody enters eternity without ever having the opportunity of knowing ...
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A Church Planting Explosion in Guatemala

Thank God with us for the church planting explosion that is currently taking place in Guatemala – both in the ...
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Cameroonian Pastors are Obeying the Great Commission

Praise the Lord for what is happening in Cameroon! None of this would be possible without your continuous prayers. I ...
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The Prayer became a Vision

The Malawian terrain moves by below us in patches of green and brown as if in slow motion.  I am ...
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Harvesters is 20 in 2020!

We are celebrating 20 years of church planting in 2020. We were able to plant our very first churches in ...
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Pastors in Côte d’Ivoire are leading the lost to Christ

Dodging potholes, waving and smiling at the staring faces, seeing and smelling the poverty and the dust – the dust ...
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