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Stories from the mission field.

India desperately needs the Gospel

Living in a country where someone dies every four seconds without Jesus really gives you new perspective on the desperate need that this country has for the Gospel. 15 People die every minute without Jesus. 21 600 People die every day without Jesus. This is only in India.

Only 2.3% of the 1.37 billion people in India follow Christ.

The harvest is ready, but the workers are few.

Luckily one of our loyal workers in India goes out faithfully – evangelises the lost, turns converts to disciples and trains pastors.

He has travelled thousands of kilometres to share the following story with us …

The dark villages need Jesus

Our Harvesters representative recently visited a “dark village” in rural India. There is no church in this village. He shared the Gospel in people’s homes. In India it is extremely dangerous to share the Gospel in public – even life threatening.

One such home that he entered was that of Aesha* and her family. A hopeless, sick and dark spirit reigned in her home. Aesha accepted Christ and agreed to host church meetings in her home.

Aesha’s village is known for adultery, drunkenness and idolatry. Aesha’s heart’s desire is to reach the youth in her village with the Gospel.

Change comes to a dark village

God has honoured Aesha’s heart’s desire. Many of the youth from her village has been attending their church meetings. There is transformation in her village. There where once was darkness, is light.

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