Our vision is to plant 1 million churches, to train 1 million pastors, and evangelize and disciple 100 million believers by 2030.

We believe in change

The vision for this ministry started in 1998 and by 2000 the first churches were planted in Malawi and Zambia.

Harvesters engage indigenous, qualified pastors, who we call Hub-leaders and who have an evangelical heart, with high regard for Scripture and a passion for the Great Commission; and trains them in evangelism, discipleship, rapid multiplication church planting and pastoral training.

We thank God for every missionary who has gone before us, preparing the harvest, as we often find ourselves building on the foundation they laid.

The Harvesters Hub Church Planting Model was designed by Steven (Fanie) Loots with the fulfilment of the Great Commission in mind, strategically mapping out the way to bring the Gospel to every nation through evangelism, discipleship, pastoral training and saturation church planting.

Harvesters train a local believer who feels called to be the pastor of each new church, usually in their home language and within one day’s travel of their new church. No salaries are paid and tuition is free for the student pastors. Harvesters works across denominational boundaries.


Evangelism is at the heart of all we do. We believe that evangelism is the biblical model for growing the church.


Our goal is to reach people with the Gospel and through evangelism, plant as many viable churches as possible in a short period of time to help them grow in their faith.


Pastoral training and mentoring to grow sustainable leadership is provided through a three-year course at the Hub Churches.


All new believers should be mentored to grow up into the fullness of Christ. This process is called discipleship.


Spiritual growth can be directly linked to the knowledge of the Word of God.

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