Six Prayers for Harvesters Ministries in 2022

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As 2022 begins, we invite you to join us in preparing for this new year in prayer. Below are six ways you can pray for Harvesters Ministries throughout the coming year. “Every great move of God can be traced back to a kneeling figure.” – DL Moody.   1. Pray for Our Student Pastors So

How to Reach a New Tribe for Jesus

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The Luvale tribe is found in the most remote parts of north-western Zambia and south-eastern Angola. “The people there are really cut off from most of the privileges that other people in the towns and big cities are enjoying,” explains Marcel, a leader from Angola. “There are no hospitals. There are no good schools for

Missionary Murdered in his Home

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It is with tremendous sadness that we share with you that, in the evening of November 6th 2021, Francois Snyman was tragically murdered during a robbery of his home. Francois was a South African missionary in Lesotho – serving, training, and loving the people there. He headed up the work of Harvesters in Lesotho, and

Update from Zimbabwe

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The landlocked nation of Zimbabwe is located in southeast Africa. Home to 15 million people, it borders Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. It has 16 official languages, with English, Shona and Ndebele the most common. After gaining independence from Great Britain in 1980, Zimbabwe was noted internationally for being at the forefront of agricultural

Help Reach Cameroon and Beyond for Christ

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There is an exciting vision unfolding in the central African nation of Cameroon and you can participate! One leader, Reverend Ken Biho Salomon, who has been training pastors, ministering to Muslims, and planting churches among the unreached people groups of Cameroon for over 13 years, reflects on some observations of his time in ministry so

1,056 Believers Received Bibles in South Africa

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The rural Mboza region of South Africa has been producing fruit for many years, even through the struggles of Covid-19 and the horrendous shopping mall raids earlier this year. As people received Christ and churches were planted, the need for Bibles grew. Harvesters Ministries, thanks to your generous giving, was able to respond. A team

You Are Training Pastors in the Amazon

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“Amazonas has been the state most affected by the pandemic here in Brazil,” explains Tiago de Oliveira Santos, Harvesters’ Operations manager in Brazil. Many people in the riverside villages have been gripped with fear over the virus and are becoming even more isolated. Harvesters did not want to see the Amazonian leaders lose heart or

Three Prayers for the Kenyan Church

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Pastor Calvin Owino is Harvesters’ county co-ordinator for the Siaya region in western Kenya. “I must say that we have been really affected by the Covid situation,” he reports. “We are not able to attend [Harvesters training] classes, we are not able to move freely. We have experienced a lot of deaths, a lot of

Super Spreaders of Hope in India

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Not too long ago, India was in the middle of a horrific spike in Covid cases that overwhelmed their resources. Harvesters’ pastors were not excluded. Many of them tested positive. They reported of congregations filled with fear and masses losing jobs or unable to work, affecting church offerings.   Tragic Losses “There are leaders who

Rwanda: Where Horror and Hope Collide

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The worst chapter of Rwandan history is well known – its darkest hour when one million precious lives were stolen in only 100 days. People fled to churches, schools and other places desperately seeking safety and security. But ultimately, it could not be provided for long. As churches were eventually overtaken, people were murdered between

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