New Students Realise the Importance of Discipleship

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Kenya, like many countries, was hit hard with the Covid-19 virus. As infection rates rose and lockdowns ensued, the ability to meet and train in Kenya was temporarily halted. After weeks of postponement, training was able to pick up again at the start of this year. Including in a new location. High up in the

Training in Kenya is Moving Forward

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Homa Bay has the most magnificent views of Lake Victoria. On a beautiful morning you can see the fishermen going out before sunrise – casting their nets and bringing the catch of the day back to shore. People flock to the fish markets to purchase the freshest and biggest fish. Harvesters Ministries was fortunate to

Families in Kenya Experienced Three Catastrophes!

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A locust plague, destructive floods and a life threatening virus which caused a pandemic – Kenya experienced all these catastrophes within the past few months. Many pastors have small pieces of land with crops to support their families – these crops were completely destroyed. A month after the locust plague destroyed crops; a total national

Pastors Floated on Doors

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These are truly uncertain and strange times we are living in. As if the COVID-19 pandemic is not bad enough – our brothers and sisters from Busia, Kenya, recently experienced a terrible tragedy. A flood caused havoc – homes were damaged, hundreds of people lost their lives, and more than 100 000 people were displaced

God opened the doors to Mombasa!

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Dylan Agoye, a pastor in Kenya, has been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel and reach the unreached in Mombasa for many years now. Dylan has always served the Lord faithfully, but it was never his intention to go into the ministry full time. While completing his Master’s degree tragedy struck his family!

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