The Gospel is changing Rwandan Communities

2021-09-07T16:26:30+02:00July 24th, 2020|Categories: Discipleship, Pastoral Training, Rwanda, Stories from the field|

The country of a thousand hills, stunning scenery, warm and friendly people, bursts of colour everywhere, gorilla paradise, jungles galore, winding rivers – these are all synonym with Rwanda. It is also very likely that your favourite coffee or tea originated from Rwanda – they are known for great coffee and tea; it is one

The Ministry is Expanding in Mozambique

2021-09-07T16:29:10+02:00June 26th, 2020|Categories: Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Mozambique, Stories from the field|

Unlike most countries, Mozambique did not experience an official lockdown. Social distancing and a state of emergency was announced in the country. The work of God did not stop in Mozambique. By the grace of God, it was still possible for pastors to pray and gather in small groups at home cells and even in

New Believers in India Experience Joy

2021-09-07T16:26:31+02:00June 3rd, 2020|Categories: Covid-19, Discipleship, Evangelism, India, Stories from the field|

We are living in unprecedented times. You are currently experiencing lockdowns, regulations and activities that has never been experienced before. India, one of the many countries where Harvesters Ministries is working, is suffering terribly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. India has experienced a time of lockdown – like many other countries across

Place your Trust in Jesus

2021-09-07T16:26:31+02:00May 29th, 2020|Categories: Covid-19, Discipleship, Kenya, Stories from the field|

The world is currently facing a strange and uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every single person across the globe – whether you are infected, know someone who has the virus, lost a loved one to the virus, had travel plans cancelled due to the virus or experienced a lockdown in your country.

Pastors are Facing Extreme Challenges

2021-09-07T16:26:31+02:00April 28th, 2020|Categories: Covid-19, Discipleship, Pastoral Training, Stories from the field|

A church leader from Southeast Asia said, “We have been in lockdown for over five weeks and we are starving.” One of the Harvesters Ministries Hub leaders in India told us, “We are living our faith out loud so that our neighbours can hear and believe.” In Guatemala, pastors are learning to use Zoom and

The Harvest is Ripe in Southeast Asia

2021-09-07T16:29:10+02:00April 1st, 2020|Categories: Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Pastoral Training, Prayer, Southeast Asia, Stories from the field|

Aran*, one of our leaders in Southeast Asia, seeks God’s face in everything that he does. The discipline of prayer is not only taught by Harvesters Ministries' Hub-leaders, like Aran, but it is also very much a part of their daily lives. They often pray for those who are unsaved asking God to give them

Covid-19 – An Unprecedented Opportunity

2021-09-07T16:26:32+02:00March 25th, 2020|Categories: Covid-19, Discipleship, Evangelism, Stories from the field|

This crisis is going to become very challenging to almost everyone you know. The Covid-19 pandemic however is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for Christians like you to be a beacon of hope to those who will be affected, isolated or traumatized by this pandemic.  Even small acts of kindness and love will make

God opened the doors to Mombasa!

2021-09-07T16:29:10+02:00March 15th, 2020|Categories: Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Kenya, Pastoral Training, Stories from the field|

Dylan Agoye, a pastor in Kenya, has been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel and reach the unreached in Mombasa for many years now. Dylan has always served the Lord faithfully, but it was never his intention to go into the ministry full time. While completing his Master’s degree tragedy struck his family!

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