Faithful Pastors are Reaching Indigenous People in the Amazon

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  The work of Harvesters Ministries in Brazil includes a network of churches that have been planted in and around Tefé. This town, situated in Northwest Brazil, lies in the middle of the Tefé River, in the heart of the Amazon. There are no roads leading in. From the capital city of Amazonas state, Manaus,

Your Gifts are Opening the way in the Amazon

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The wild and untamed Amazon jungle is home to pink dolphins, green anacondas and black caiman alligators. The tribes are as unruly and untamed as their vast, luscious and overgrown environment. The Amazon river is 6,575 km (4,086 mi) long and runs through numerous countries and communities in South America. The Amazon Tribes need Jesus

Harvesters can Reach the Lost in the Amazon

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Missions and mission organisations desperately need the prayers of believers like you to reach the lost with the Gospel. Through your continued intercession you are making it possible for missionaries to reach out to people across the globe, share the Gospel with the lost and ensure that the Word of God reaches the ends of

Harvesters is 20 in 2020!

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We are celebrating 20 years of church planting in 2020. We were able to plant our very first churches in 2000 in Zambia and in Malawi. Since then the ministry has expanded into more than 60 countries. God is good! Thank you for travelling around the world with us during these past 20 years. It

The Harvest is Ready in the Amazon

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After 27 hours of traveling I arrived in Manaus meeting up with Harvesters staff. The hot humid air couldn’t stop the excitement as we headed out early morning on a private flight to Santa Antonio de Iça – an important indigenous community which will launch all church planting in the Amazon. The trip itself in […]

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