Urgent Update: Cyclone Eloise Again Brings Devastation Across Mozambique

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Cyclone Eloise Has Hit Tragic events have been occurring in the coastal nation of Mozambique in the last few days. Cyclone Eloise hit the port city of Beira, with winds of up to 120kph, in the early hours of Friday 23rd January. There had already been heavy rainfall, strong winds and flooding for a few

Your Gifts are Helping Communities in Southeast Asia

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In the last few weeks, a series of terrible typhoons hit large parts of Southeast Asia. Many people described the flooding as the worst that they have ever experienced in their lives. Sidney Moss, Harvesters Ministries Regional Director for Southeast Asia, explained that a country like the Philippines is used to severe weather. This country

East Asia

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Praise Report: Training of Hub Leaders continues to happen in a "restricted" country in East Asia. A recent training session, which was attended by more than forty leaders, testified of how they "are winning souls every day". They have also committed themselves to each plant one new church in this next year.


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Pray that God will open the way for Harvesters Ministries to continue to provide believers with access to God’s Word in these times of limited travel and other restrictions.

Brand New Prayer Season

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This month Harvesters Ministries will not be sharing the usual Prayer Calendar with you. We are excited to introduce you to the new Harvesters Ministries Prayer Wall. Available now on our website. This interactive platform will allow us to share prayer requests from the mission field and ministry with you. It will also allow you,


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Pray for resources and opportunities to supply Bibles to the numerous pastors and student pastors in rural areas across the globe. Many of these pastors are simply too poor to afford their own Bibles or live too remotely to be able to obtain Bibles.

Training of Local Leaders

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Pray for the online training of local Harvesters Leaders taking place throughout the year. Pray that God will go before us and that He will send His called people across the globe to continue with church planting and discipleship on local level. Pray that all attendees will have prepared hearts and that they will hear

Training of Local Leaders

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Pray for the teachers and the translators who are conducting online training sessions of local Harvesters Leaders. Pray that they will have great wisdom and obedience to deliver God-inspired messages clearly to their audience. Pray also for accessibility and smooth operation of all technology.

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