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Drug stricken Meru needs your urgent prayers!

My first visit to Kenya was definitely a memorable one.

As we were driving from Nairobi to Meru I had no idea what to expect. The road was long, bumpy and winding. Upon entering Meru my heart broke at what I witnessed next to the road…

Fathers, mothers, teenagers and even little children chewing away at Khat. Why did this upset me so? Khat is a stimulant drug. It is legal in Meru. The government sees it as a great form of income. The people who grow and use this drug are completely uninformed of the real side effects. These include paranoia, aggressiveness, manic behaviour, insomnia, hyperactivity and psychoses.

People are completely misguided. Young children are growing up in houses with addicts as parents. People suffer from health issues and the doctors do not have the answers. Or don’t they want the economy to fall?

Unfortunately, this drug and its destructive consequences are not limited to Meru. This drug is exported to many countries across the world. The severity of the problem is quite alarming. In Somalia drug addicts are even willing to trade their own children to get more Khat. This drug is destroying many innocent lives.

Planting churches in a broken community

Thanks to our loyal and wonderful partners, it was possible for Harvesters to visit the rural community of Meru. We had the privilege of training pastors at a Kick-Off. These pastors went out on the first day of training and evangelised lost souls in surrounding villages. 77 People heard the Gospel and 26 accepted Christ.

  One remarkable lady, Purity, lead two young men to Christ. At first I did not notice Purity. Small in stature, but a force to be reckoned with. Purity is the main pastor at her church. She caught the Harvesters vision and has a passion for leading the lost to Christ. She wants to change her community by sharing the Gospel and planting viable churches for new believers. Pray with us that God will strengthen her in this new journey.

How do you change a community?

The solution to all of these social problems are simple: take away the Khat and share the Truth of Jesus Christ with these individuals who are so clearly longing for something more from life.

How do you change a community? You share the Gospel with them. A lost soul needs to hear the Truth about the love of Jesus Christ. A lost soul needs hope.

Pastors like Purity gave me hope that the Truth will reach the lost souls in Meru.

How can you help us?

We need you to pray with us about this serious matter. There is power in the prayers of a righteous man. When you pray today, please pray for Meru. Pray that every lost soul will hear the Gospel, pray that families will no longer be destroyed by this drug, pray that the pastors who attended the training will truly reach their communities and pray that the Gospel will transform the whole of Meru.

John 14:13 “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

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