The Harvest is Ripe in Southeast Asia

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Aran*, one of our leaders in Southeast Asia, seeks God’s face in everything that he does. The discipline of prayer is not only taught by Harvesters Ministries' Hub-leaders, like Aran, but it is also very much a part of their daily lives. They often pray for those who are unsaved asking God to give them

Covid-19 – An Unprecedented Opportunity

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This crisis is going to become very challenging to almost everyone you know. The Covid-19 pandemic however is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for Christians like you to be a beacon of hope to those who will be affected, isolated or traumatized by this pandemic.  Even small acts of kindness and love will make

God opened the doors to Mombasa!

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Dylan Agoye, a pastor in Kenya, has been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel and reach the unreached in Mombasa for many years now. Dylan has always served the Lord faithfully, but it was never his intention to go into the ministry full time. While completing his Master’s degree tragedy struck his family!

A Church Planting Explosion in Guatemala

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Thank God with us for the church planting explosion that is currently taking place in Guatemala – both in the urban and rural areas. Three active church streams are currently experiencing great growth – despite being between the volcanoes. Pray especially for good training and strong leaders in this region. Most Guatemalan pastors will agree

Cameroonian Pastors are Obeying the Great Commission

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Praise the Lord for what is happening in Cameroon! None of this would be possible without your continuous prayers. I am reminded of Jeremiah 32:27 that says “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” You recently helped to complete a two-day training session in evangelism and church

The Minorities in Mongolia Need our Support

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Imagine living in a country where the majority of Christians are first generation believers. The number of believers has grown from a mere four in 1990 to nearly 40 000 which makes it the eighth fastest growing church in the world today according to Operation World. Many of these churches are run by foreign mission